About Linen

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Luxury Linen

1. It’s long lasting, linen is a robust fabric, it’s inelasticity actually works in it’s favour and becomes softer when washed. It is much stronger than cotton, you can get a lot more use out of it. With proper care it can last for 30+ years.

2. It’s a natural fabric, it is made from flax fibers from flax trees, these trees require only rainwater to grow.

3. It is environmentally friendly, linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics today, it requires little water and no fertilizers to grow, and making linen doesn’t require chemicals. It is also 100% biodegradable, taking about 2 weeks for a linen dress to biodegrade into soil.

4. Linen is highly absorbent, but remains cool and dry when touched. This makes the fabric very breathable, which is why it is a summer must have for the hot and humid days.

5. Linen is versatile, you can wear linen in the day time at the beach and it can take you to a bar that evening. Not many other fabrics can do that. With it’s durability and versatility your money stretches further making it economical.Text